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Carlos Abel

PO Box 1861
Silverthorne, Colorado, United States


Home page:

Who is Escudra?

Well, I am 52 years old, male, mixed race among Jewish, Andean’s Indian, Spanish, German and Russian. Not that tall and not that overweight. I like my eyes.

Way Escudra?

As a result of an error, I have Dyslexia and in 1995 I was trying to create an e-mail account, and I was trying to use but I mistyped the name, and it becomes Escudra.

Way Escuadra?

In 1984 I became a freemason, and one on the symbols that impress me the most was the “Escuadra” square ruler in an angle of 90 degrees.

How are you?

Well, I am a wonderful human being, I learned that after many years of struggling with myself, I use to say “I’m just a human being, and I have the right to make mistakes”, and that was very harmful for my weak self esteem; that was an excuse to my miseries. Then I realize what my problem was. Due to circumstances out of my control, like my dyslexia and my depression, and more, I use to have a terrible concept about myself, I use to consider myself a mentally challenged people, (I use to call myself stupid idiot, I will not say it to avoid confusion because know I think that Dyslexia and depression treated properly has been a blessing for me). I was saying that I use to hate myself and my conditions, for one or other reason everything has been hard for me to achieve, there is a lot of challenges that have carved my personality to the point that I love and respect my self.

Interests: Self help, poetry,

Published writer: Yes

Freelance: Yes


Published works:


  • New verbs in the new dictionary of life: Weapons of Mass Construction
  • Maleinism
  • Poetry

  • Armonía en poesía
  • Children's Literature

  • t tiene todo