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Ibrahim Kamal

Cairo, Egypt


Dr. Ibrahim Kamal Shehata, M.Sc., F.I.C.S
26 Makram Oubaid Street - Nasr City
Cairo - Egypt.
Phone 00202-2750516 / 020105831988
Fax 00202-2750516 [computer associated]
Personal Information
Name: Ibrahim Kamal Shehata
Marital status: Married with 2 children (19 & 15 years)
Nationality: Egyptian
Age: 55 years (28/6/1952)
Summary of qualifications:
1- M.M.B.Ch, Ain Shams University, 1976
2- MSc., Otolaryngology, El Azhar University, 1982
Professional memberships:
1- Member of the Association of Military Surgeons of the USA, 1984
2- Fellow of the International College of Surgeons, 1984
1- 1983 1985 Government Scholarship one year at Manchester Medical College, UK.
2- 1993; Course on Prophylaxis and Management of Chemically Induced Injuries in Chemical Warfare, Cairo.
3- 1994 Training program in Grosshadern Hospital, Munich, Germany on Functional Endoscopic Sinus Surgery.
4- 1995 Trained with Dr. Dan Castro, UCLA Medical Centre, Los Angeles, USA, On Laser Surgery in ENT practice.
5- 1997 - USA; The Following Instruction Courses [during the 101 st. Annual Meeting of the American Academy ORL-HN surgery:
A) Microsurgery of the larynx. B) Rhinoplasty Overview. C) Anatomy of the paranasal sinuses for the endoscopic surgeon. D) Antimicrobial therapy in Otolaryngology. E) Chronic Ear Surgery. F) Rhinosinusology and the headache patient. G) Fundamentals of Rhinoplasty.
6- 1999 Madrid, Spain, The following instruction courses during the 50th. Anniversary Extraordinary Congress of the Spanish Society of Otolaryngology and Head and Neck Surgery. A) Advances and treatments of the paroxysmal positional vertigo. B) Cholesteatoma surgical planning. C) Nasosinusal basic endoscopic surgery.
7- 2000, the following instruction courses during the American Academy ORL-HNS Meeting, Washington DC, USA: A) Update on allergic and non-allergic rhinitis. B) Antimicrobial therapy in respiratory diseases.
Work experience:
1- House Officer, Ain Shams University Hospitals and Ministry of Health Teaching Hospitals (3/1977 to 3/1978).
2- General Practitioner, Rural Health Dept., Ministry Of Health (3/1978 to 10/1978).
3- Joined the Police Academy for an academic year to get a diploma in Police Sciences after which I was graduated as a First Lieutenant, Police Force Medical Corpus (10/1978 to 8/1979).
4- Working in ENT Dept. Police Authority Hospital since 10/8/1979 (became head of Dept. on 1992).
5- Working in Saudi Arabia, Yanbu General Hospital for 5 years (1986-1991).
6- Rejoined Police Authority Hospital, 1991 as Head of ENT Dept, ENT Specialist.
7- Promoted to General MD, on 2004: a- Assistant Director Mubarak Police Hospital-Cairo; 2004-2005. b- Head of Police Authority Medical Council 8/2005 to 4/2007.
8- Deputy Director Mubarak Police Hospital- Cairo; 4/2007 to 8/2007.
9- Retired from service on 8/2007
10- Currently ENT surgery consultant, Egyptian National Health Service (contract).
11- Currently I also work as a freelance writer for 2 US agencies and a freelance translator for a recognised translation firm in Cairo. I have been recently approved as a freelance writer for an English magazine
Last post:
Lt. Gen. Ret. (med.), Consultant Otolaryngologist, Deputy Director Mubarak Police Authority Hospital, Nasr City.
Retired from service on 8/2007.
1- Chemotherapy in Treatment of Cancer, 1982, M.Sc. thesis.
2- Role of Anaerobic Bacteria in Chronic uncomplicated otitis media, chronic maxillary sinusitis and chronic tonsillitis: In vitro study of the effect of metronidazole. M.D thesis.
3- 1986, Tragal Perichondrium versus temporalis fascia as grafting materials in myringoplasty, Egypt. Armed Forces Med. J.
4- 1998, Nasal septal buttons in the management of anterior septal perforations, Egypt. Armed Forces Med. J.
5-1998, Laser assisted uvulopalatoplasty (LAUP) for snoring patients. Egypt. J. Otolaryngology, 15: 7-14.
6- 1999, Lateral Cephalometric measurements in the diagnosis of sleep apnoea: Review and a pilot study. Egypt. J. Otolaryngology, 16: 61-73.
7- 1999, Acoustic rhinometry in the diagnosis of nasal obstruction: An overview. Egypt. J. Otolaryngology, 16: 163-169.
8- 2000, Acoustic pharyngometry (Objective assessment of the upper airway): The normal standard curve. Egypt. J. Otolaryngology, 17: 105-115.
9- 2001, Acoustic pharyngometry of the pharynx: Normal values, Med. J. Cairo Univ.
10- 2001, Diagnosis of obstructive sleep apnoea: Part 1: The importance of history taking. Postgraduate Doctor, 24 (3): 66-72.
11- 2001, Diagnosis of obstructive sleep apnoea: Part 2: Objective assessment of the upper airway. Postgraduate Doctor, 24(4): 107-112.
12-2001, Diagnosis of obstructive sleep apnoea: Part 3: Polysomnography. Postgraduate Doctor, 24(5): 147-153.
13- 2002, Snoring and obstructive sleep apnoea: Who to treat and how to treat; Part 1: Postgraduate Doctor, 25(4): 120-124.
14- 2002, Snoring and obstructive sleep apnoea: Who to treat and how to treat; Part 2: Postgraduate Doctor, 25(5): 140-143.
15-2002, Snoring and obstructive sleep apnoea: Who to treat and how to treat; Part 3: Postgraduate Doctor, 25(6): 186-189.
16- 2003, Obstructive sleep apnoea in children. Postgraduate Doctor, 19 (5): 152-162
17- 2003, Objective assessment of nasal obstruction in snoring and obstructive sleep apnoea patients: Experience of a police authority hospital. Annals of Saudi Medicine, 22:158-162.
18- 2002, The nasal valve in corrective septoplasty. Folia Otorhinolaryngologica, 8: 7-13.
19- 2001, The normal curve of acoustic pharyngometry. Otolaryngology-Head and Neck Surgery, 124(3):323-30.
20- Lung volume dependence of pharyngeal cross section area by acoustic pharyngometry. Otolaryngology-Head and Neck Surgery, 126: 164-71.
21- 2002, Test-retest validity of acoustic pharyngometry measurements. Otolaryngology- Head Neck Surgery, 130(2):223-8. 2004
22-2004, Acoustic pharyngometry patterns of snoring and obstructive sleep apnoea patients. Otolaryngology- Head Neck surgery, 130 (1): 58-67.
23- 2004, Acoustic reflectometry of the nose and pharynx, BrownWalker Press, Florida, USA.
24 Supervised and assisted 2 doctoral theses and 3 master theses (Ain Shams Univ. and Al Azhar Univ. Cairo-Egypt).

1- Arabic - Mother tongue
2- English Excellent Command, both written and spoken.

Computer Skills:
1. Microsoft office suite and Corel word perfect office suite.
2. Microsoft FrontPage for web publishing.
3. Globalink powertranslator, AceTranslator, Idiomax translator suite 5 and Trados 7 freelance: Multilanguage translation software.
4. Jandel Statistics, statistica 5, SPSS and NCSS2007: Statistics software.
5. StyleWriter (UK &US), Concordance and Scholar Word, and styleEase writing software.
6. Viper (1.2) and Antiplagiarist (1.7) as anti-plagiarism software.
7. ScholarCite as a referencing software.
8. Internet explorer, outlook express and Microsoft outlook.
Current freelance writing work:
I am working as a freelance writer for: research writing centre, and ESWO, and a freelance translator at Viewpoint.
Address of Correspondence:
Dr. Ibrahim Kamal
26 Makram Oubaid Street Nasr City
Cairo Egypt
Tel: +2010-5831988

Interests: Medicine, Health, Nursing, Psychology, Education and Statistic

Published writer: Yes

Freelance: Yes