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Naveen Ali

Arima, Trinidad and Tobago


It is with great excitement that I write concerning the completion of my first epic novel, and to announce my intentions of publishing same!

Allow me first to uncannily admit that what had originally began as a thought provoking work of fiction had soon turned into the curious blend of an amazing story that became strangely married to the controversial tenets of radical spirituality and an alternate philosophy of perception.

In so doing, my manuscript began to unfold through a virtual flood of seemingly unparalleled inspiration that was most surprising, to say the least; taking a life all of its own in the creative process!

Entitled 'The WineMaster...And the Opening of the Fermented Gospels', this is indeed a 504 page (approx. 122,500 words) esoteric journey of new perceptions!

In addition, the novel is a rollercoaster, psycho-spiritual adventure which employs, but is hardly limited to, the literary elements of a sensually riveting psychological drama, with haunting 'paranormal' plots, as well as a serving of some truly psyche searching philosophies that goes beyond the 'New Age' collective outlook.
There are even some colourful, unorthodox doses of horror and humour, all meant to collectively convey a most important message to those who would read it...

The tale is also set in my tropically idyllic, yet socially troubled homeland of Trinidad, offering in turn a characteristic glimpse of 'Trini' culture, even though it is a secondary portrayal to the novel's primary purpose of wake people up about the Truth...

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