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Ginger Fernandez

19783 Coyle Ave.
Detroit, Michigan, United States


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Yahoo: fginger51

By profession I am a Published Author, Photographer, Graphic Designer and
Publisher. Though I am proficient in journalism, creative writing, editing, and jewelry
design I chose to spend most of my time writing. Born and partially raised in Temple,
TX my family moved to Detroit so long ago I claim to be a native Detroiter. As a child
I loved life passionately then oops death reared its vile head and stole my mother-
complicating things.
Alone desperate and naïve to the ways of the world I searched for love in all the
wrong places and faces. Before long, I fell victim of a predator who stole her
innocence. Humiliated by deceit I became a runner. I ran from reality, home, life,
intimacy, and the fear of discovery. Living on the Streets of Detroit, I grew up to fast
building a wall around my heart. I blocked any a blessing keeping everyone from
penetrating my world. I was a loaner secretive of her past.
After a ten-year Hiatus in search of piece my soul gave me a positive insight
into life. The many locked doors and empty facades lead me down a path of
destructive despair, but I persevered. At twenty-one, I returned home and to school
studied creative writing, criminal justice corrections, journalism, and graphic artistry.
Experience in conjunction with education afforded me the creativity with which
launched my career in the publishing industry. Finding my nitch in creating urban
fiction gave me the voice I so much needed. In the past few years I’ve published
three novel "The New Don" life of a gangsta princess, a riveting yarn that flaunts the
power of a woman. She acquired the money, lust, and passion of a young a woman's
demand for recognition.
My writing encompasses the best of both worlds the true grit of my God given
talent and life experience. It is my sound belief that life is magnificent if lived to its
fullest. Inspirations for writing career came from Donald Goines, Maya Angelou, Dr.
Bernie Siegel, Walter Mosley, and Ellen Sussman, but all in all from the pain and
hopelessness I suffered growing up I rise.

Interests: Photography, Graphic Design, Reading, Writing, Knitting, Dancing, Music, anything creative. After doing what I do and being me I want to find that one man who will give me the love I deserve.

Published writer: Yes

Freelance: Yes


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  • Latest Book: \"Death of My Nemesis, \"Book 1 My Personal Nightmare\"