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Stacey T Pollock

optional, Netherlands


Home page:

Having spent 10 years personally studying subjects relating to life and development, Stacey is now ready to present to the world her own personal perception of creation and the reason why it exists. She has spent many years researching topics surrounding the organisation of the material world and current perceptions and ideas surrounding our purpose here as humans in this world. It has been purely apersonal interest for her to delve into areas of creation and to create a path for herself to discover answers to her own long awaited questions.

Not only does she have a personal interest in life creation but also in other areas of study that she has pursued through forms of art, graphic design, painting and three dimensional studies. Her work in life has also lead her towards new insights into creation theory through her time working with others in many various jobs, one involving time spent with the aged and dying.

Stacey will continue to search out and discover through her interest in travelling and meeting people from all walks of life and is now presiding in the Netherlands having formerly lived in Australia in her former years. She will be always ready to explore and discover new ways in seeing her world and will continue to enjoy relating to others her insights into what she has herself discovered and conceptualised.

Writing is an art form that she enjoys and she seeks only but to share with others her personal discoveries and knowledge. She has much more to share and will be continuing well into the future with expressing and writing about all that she has come to understand as her own truth.

Stacey’s philosophy in life is that all is perception and that everything is in the mind. She fully believes that there are true answers to all that we wish to know, that we only have to find out what the core truth is within all that is being created around us.

There is a reason for all that is created and if you too have an interest in creation, then join Stacey on her journey through her own personal discovery and maybe you too will find answers to some long awaited questions?

Interests: writing, movies, walking and exploring, people interaction.

Published writer: Yes

Freelance: No


Published works:


  • Creation Theory Revised