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Dutch Havoc

Baltimore, Maryland, United States


I am a writer of street fiction/urban hip hop. I'm also working on a screenplay and
erotica. All of my ideas are down and they all have plots to them. I'm looking for an
agent or a publisher who's looking for someone new with fresh ideas. I am innovative,
creative and I have a unique style. Please feel free to contact me through email. or

Untitled, 7/12/2012

Words run from my mind, like water from a faucet, flawless. Rhymes and verses flow
to my finger tips like the river to the ocean, brawling. I sling my pen all over the page,
just to capture the thoughts that come to my brain. My pseudo is Dutchhavoc, drama
to the masses. I’m the queen of the pen sling and the Dutchess of verbs cornering
every curb. This is my introduction. Up and coming writers make room for the
production injunction with the havoc the devastating diaster. Changing the game, like
Michael Jackson with his magic. Catastrophic events are about to happen. So, we all
can get together and make something’s happen.

Untitled, 7/25/2014

Whispers whisper words into my broken thoughts. Sending me on a chase to find
what's not spoken within a broken heart. Characters on a constant rival trying to
become the head honcho in the world of thoughts. Beginnings turn to endings rather
quickly in this world of unforgiving and unsorted living. But it all pushes me to the limit,
the max of all max. Giving me a thrill of living and view all hearts, this catergorized me
into the seeker of all focused and sensible creatures of all sorts. Foolishness unjust
would be the issue if untouched by a miraculous vision of godly trust. In those we
trust. To never turn your back to those who responds to you ill-advised and jaded.
They all represent a turning point if any, but all faded. Never once will I be just that
one. That one who wanted to set a standard for the ones that seeks the same
thoughts. For those who come around clueless gives me the strength to keep moving,
for I wanty the illusion, I want the, what if. I want to evolve myself into bigger, better
and best. We don't have time for frivolously manners, like those approached by
misconduct and misdemeanor grammer. Corrections is needed by force and those
who are untreated, I give them their unwanted thoughts.

Interests: My passion is writing. I have been writing since I was eight years old and over the years I have watched how my writings have matured into something almost bigger than me. I try to stay on top of learning in the writing world, and it's so interesting.

Published writer: Yes

Freelance: No


Published works:


  • The Female Hustle