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Scott Davis

Tempe, Arizona, United States


Home page:

Born December 6, 1952, I am the only son of
a teacher and an Air National Guard
electronics mechanic. I grew up reading
science fiction, including many authors. I
am largely self-taught. That is, I have read
voraciously, and read a good deal in the
fields of science fiction and science fact.
I have supplemented
my academic experience with hands-on work.
In undergraduate and graduate schools, I
read all of my assignments, and more, and
always had more information extracted from
the library and book stores than was
necessary for my assignments and independent
study papers.

In 1978, I was awarded a Bachelor of Arts
degree with a major in Sociology from the
University of Cincinnati. In 1986, I
received a Master of Environmental Planning
degree from Arizona State University. I have
always maintained my name on Dean's Lists
and was Outstanding Graduate for 1986 from
the College of Architecture and
Environmental Design at ASU.

I worked under architect Paolo Soleri at his
Arcosanti project and his Cosanti studios in
Arizona for 16 years between 1975 and 2000.
I co-authored a book on Dr. Soleri's earth
casting technique, which was published in
1984 by Peregrine-Smith books of Layton,

As of December, 2008, I completed a
manuscript about my 16 year experience with
Paolo Soleri's Cosanti Foundation, which I
would like to have published. As of June, 2009, an excerpt from my book will be published in a book titled Voices of Arcosanti, being produced by the Cosanti Foundation.

Interests: Paolo Soleri, Arcosanti, environmental planning, computers and their interaction with society, technology in general, current events

Published writer: Yes

Freelance: No


Published works:


  • Paolo Soleri's Earth Casting: For sculpture, models and construction