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Jean Beauchamp

Manati, Puerto Rico


There is certain aspects that ill not reveal but I was born may 15 1992 in puerto rico.My interest in writing was born due consistent aclaims from friends and family to start writing.Also it affected me the uprising wave of new movies and videogames based on books.That at a start was pleasing but after time it was abused and now you see several movies with similar story attributes.Such as the normal suburbs kid who finds himself with powers,a magic object,a dark family past,is the chosen one..etc.(you get the point).So I started my own short stories and incorporated them into a famous game that my friends played:"Dungeons and Dragons".Yes I know that is a little nerdy but it transported us to a different world something that we liked.My stories were different n a way you didnt know until the half of the storie that the main protagonist was bad.Always portraying a good point of view until it changes to a much greater size.Thats all for you.

Interests: Videogame writing,fantasy,war,politics

Published writer: No

Freelance: Yes