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VictoriaSelene Skye Deme

Medford Lakes, New Jersey, United States


Home page:

I was born and raised in Eastern Europe by my father the first decade of my life. We lived predominantly in Magyarorszag, but traveled all over Europe and Asia.

He was a highly educated man who valued the art of the written word as well as other fine arts and the theatre. He taught me to read and speak several languages by the time I was two and a half.

On our travels we went to many places where oral traditions and mythology were still a rich fare for the community. This is where I was absolutely captivated by the various meins by which words can be composed to convey a visual, textured world.

When I was two and a half, father took me to the rose garden out back with parchment, quill and ink and told me to listen very closely to evrything around me until they gave me their stories. Many hours later, the whispering of birds and clouds and the wolves he rehabilitated at his manor were ink curlicues of words on the paper. This was the moment I knew I could do no other but write.

I absolutely breathe language and grammatical twists are my sweetest ambroisa of all.

At the age of 10, mother transplanted me to the USA, and the absolute aural~visual world captivated me from the get go.

Throughout my 42 years of life I've lived embraced by joy and captured by brutality. In my writing I deal predominantly with the world of women, from mythological Eves to empowered Cinderellas to the beautiful single mom down the street who struggles with everyday realities.I take my life and give it from the bone in my verbal spinerette. I retell mythological feminine tales with a twist and sometimes a bite.

At this moment in my life my focus is to empower women and they make up the majority of my readers, though, surprisingly, men have taken to the more humorous twists of my writings.

There is no doubt that the way in which I weave my spinerettes has been shaped by my father, along with some writers who take my breath away; Leonard Cohen, Sylvia Plath, Tanith Lee, Herrmann Hesse, Harlan Ellison, and Sherman Alexie just to name a few.

To date I've published two books:
CrowWoman & MudGirl
Eve's Rib~jezebel's Hips

In every day worlds, I am a personal fitness trainer who works predominantly with women in not only redesigning and shaping the body, but helping them shake of the distorted body images we are fed by the media and to develop a healthy mindset on their own physical forms.

Interests: Everything =)

Published writer: Yes

Freelance: No


Published works:


  • Eve's Rib~Jezebel's Hips
  • CrowWoman & MudGirl