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Gaines Tillinger

Essex, United Kingdom


I am an unpublished author who wants to begin a career in writing.

I will give you a few seconds to regain your breath at the obviousness of that opening line...

I have written song lyrics and music for a number of years, but three years ago I began to seriously outline ideas for a novel, which was very intimidating. Mostly because I had tried to write one several years before and had to give up as it became a monster in its own right. It fought pretty hard (plot issues or some such rubbish). Either way, it won and I licked my wounds.

Since then I have donned stronger and more experienced armour and have completed one novel and a small collection of short stories. I have written a number of film reviews (the idea of being paid to watch films and write about them - ha! I would indeed give up my day job, sir) and now have a novella underway.

Ultimately, fame and fortune are not as important to me as recognition. Still, if someone wants to haul a dirty great bag o’ cash into my building society and bank it under my name and personal account… well, who am I to stop them? I am sure that living in destitution is good for some authors, but my best work usually comes before, during or after a good meal and some exquisite coffee. My best work, I am sure, will come from being holed up in a seven star hotel, post-massage and pre-steam bath. Anyway, I digress.

My works, so far, are focussed around concepts rather than plots. The plots arrive after the concept has been established. My favourite authors do the same, and in proud tradition I am ripping them off as best I can. I thank them in advance of any level of success, but can offer no more than that – unless, after I am given a bag o’ loot, they want to stay in the aforementioned seven star hotel at my expense. Then we could negotiate.

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  • Everyday is a bonus.
  • Everyday is a bonus - my enemy is my friend.