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Ellie Smith

High Point, North Carolina, United States

Young and passionate, with dreams undecided, I have often turned towards the written word as my only source of comfort, empathy, and solace. I do not simply love the English language - I adore it; and to any fellow writer, the difference between those two sentiments should be clear. Adoration, used less often and evoking a half-smile and loving eyes, ranks higher in my book than does love; and I hold language in the highest esteem possible. These are the most important things I could say about myself. They describe the essence and purpose of my existance. And so I reveal them here, to you, hoping you will strike an interest in my work. If you wonder at my motivations, I will add something more. In addition to a genuine enthusiasm for language, I seek the meaning the young so often yearn after but rarely achieve. To know my life will matter when I am is a cliche wish, I well know. But when the news media brings me to such a fury of passion over the state of our world that I can do nothing but take up my pen and write, write, write, I can do naught but hope: that my words will not always fall on deaf ears, and my lone talent is indeed talent enough and will not go to waste.

Published writer: No

Freelance: Yes