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Chandra Jain

A-151garud marg,Hanumannagar
Jaipur, India


I write because I love to write. My mind is set free, on wings of passion and can fly to unknown lands and time. Searching for answers to hitherto unasked questions. Somewhere, sometime there is a hope that the writings will find an answering chord. Often thoughts come as a swirling sandstorm in a desert. Or as the first raindrops on a parched dry earth. I write to make sense of it all. To capture the beauty of the wild and the unknown terrain of my mind. I write for all those who wish to read and share my journey in an imagined land.
Name…..Dr.Chandra Ghosh-Jain
A-151, Garudmarg, Hanumannagar, Jaipur, Rajasthan, India
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She was born in Calcutta and spent her formative years in Delhi. She graduated in Economics (Honours) from Miranda House, Delhi University. She received her post graduation in Economics from Jawahar Lal University New Delhi. For a brief while she taught Economics in Delhi University as a lecturer. She did her research on the ‘Changing Agrarian relations and it’s impact on development’ from Rajasthan University. Her husband’s postings offered her an opportunity to travel in the state, which boasts of palaces and forts of a bygone era; which forms a backdrop to many of her tales.

Time seemed to stand still all one had to do was brush away the sands to recall a tale of surprising intensity. She is presently staying in Jodhpur with her two sons and where her husband is posted as the IG BSF. She is currently working on a collection of short stories, ‘Quixotic Quest and other Tales’ and her novel ‘A Rag picker’s Notes’

Her short stories have been published on ‘Forsaken Gods and other tales’ have been e-published and is available at
She can be found on her website
‘Manasa Vriksha’ has been e-published and is available
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Interests: I love to read. Children are also another of my passions.

Published writer: Yes

Freelance: No


Published works:


  • ForsakenGod and other tales
  • Memsaheb and the Thief