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S M Qadri

359 B Faisal Town Lahore
Lahore, Pakistan


Home page:

Mr. S.M.Qadri is a multi-dimensional personality in global scenario. He is an eminent author, a profound thinker and an upright religious scholar who truly comprehends people’s problems and provide necessary realistic solutions.

Asma-al-Husna is the key area of his lifetime research. He is known nationally and internationally for his devoted and selfless approach to humanity rendering all kinds of religious, medical, moral assistance, advice and support to all communities at all times. His masterpieces which are both awesome and awe-inspiring are lovely combinations of religion, science, psychology, sociology and economics thus, beneficial for all segments of society.

He enjoys sound repute among people from all walks of life and they look up to him as a guide and a mentor, as a person who will implement and improvise radical and revolutionary changes in socio-economic setup of all Muslim countries.
He emphasis on the fact that the crux of all problems and their on spot solution lies in the way to think Right. He believes that if a person understands himself and has staunch belief in the immortal qualities of his Creator and then struggles towards attaining knowledge, he would definitely undergo a positive change in his attitude which would bring an end to his problems.
In his writings and programs we come across a person who has positive outlook on life and considers it to be a blessing, a person willing to share his vision with humanity in an extremely simple, précis and practical way. He presents solutions to our everyday problems in a such a way that masses find their lives undergo tremendous change both as individuals and members of society thus, making them more responsible and reliable.

S.M.Qadri as a doctor prescribes his patients elements of belief, willpower, unity along with love, patience and sacrifice enabling them to become better personalities. He satisfies millions of people globally by keeping contacts with them through phone, letters, e-mails, faxes and in person. He himself replies to millions of letters received on monthly basis and rightly guides everyone in his sphere of influence for whatever concerns and problems they might have regarding health, wealth, mental attitude, marital and economic issues, education or social problems or otherwise.
Approximately more than 20,000 people have benefited from his services so far. He gives precious and valuable suggestions, advice and guidelines to people across the globe via telephone.

Interests: Writing,

Published writer: Yes

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