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Lynda Butler

Ashfield, Other Australia, Australia


Home page:


Profile – About the Author and Artist: LYB – (Lynda Young Butler) Born in Portsmouth in the United Kingdom, emigrating to Sydney Australia with her parents as a young child. It's the memories of her early childhood in England that created the atmosphere of her first book. Two characters were inspired by her stepchildren Paul and Sarah Butler, the children of her husband Garry. The illustrations were finally done on canvas board in water based oils by Lynda. The first book, done mostly in her spare time took nearly seven years. The sequel The Enchanted Forests – War of the Lower Worlds, set in Africa, is a work in progress. Fond of English at school she wrote short stories, plays, poetry and songs into her early twenties. She sang in a band for year, and did five years acting which culminated in the lead role in a Government funded short film and a nomination for Best Actress first time in a drama, at the Brisbane Film Festival. It was this project, working and developing the script with the Director and fellow actor that inspired a return to writing.



Children's Books:

. The Enchanted Forests - Robert Percival Winter’s life is work, work, work, and his many companies make him lot’s of lovely money. His beautiful Manor house is full of beautiful things but there is no laughter and no love. His butler’s grandchildren arrive unexpectedly and circumstances conspire to throw Robert and Paul and Sarah together for the adventure of their lives. Ghosts from the past, trees that walk and talk and flowers that sing; Robert suffers many trials and changes along the way, some the stuff of nightmares and some enchanting as fairy tales. Their journey together is perilous, and full of adventure, and Robert must face his loveless past and find his true path in life. Without the help of the children Paul and Sarah and new and surprising friends along the way Robert may never find his way home.
.The Enchanted Forests- War of the Lower Worlds – Work in progress. Set in Africa the sequel promises monsters, miracles and adventure, and lots, lots more.

.Murder Mysteries:

. Cabudgie – Work in progress. Horrific murders from Scotland's past have an eerie link with present day Perth Western Australia.
.Tree Whispers – Work in Progress. Shelley was named after the famous poet and lived up to his name very well. Like all poets he was introspective, thoughtful and tragic. A favourite walk always took him through a copse of firs that lined the river, for two weeks another lonely figure had shared his morning vigils at a distance, to see the first light of dawn. From his vantage point she was elf-like and ethereal and his romantic imagination had thus far prevented him from approaching her, preferring to weave delightful fantasies of her origins and her great attraction to him. A chance meeting away from the mystic river setting is the beginning of a relationship that promises a mystery and romance to elevate the soul of the most creative of poets. Shelley is transported in love, but soon his love's mysterious past looms darkly over the two and Shelley's world is changed forever.

TV Scripts:

.The Mirror – Half hour TV Script – Celeste's obsession with an antique dressing mirror goes beyond just vanity, leading to a series of dark and sinister events.
.On Reflection – Half hour TV Script and sequel to The Mirror – Sam appears to have followed the obsessive path of her sister, and Aunty Bab's antique dressing mirror offers more than one reflection.
NB: Both scripts can stand alone and are for sale by negotiation with the author.

Interests: Painting and writing, books, movies all forms of art. I am a Councillor in Local Government.

Published writer: Yes

Freelance: No


Published works:


  • The Enchanted Forests