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ToneyS Wong

Nassau, Bahamas


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The earth needs saving from human beings’ destructions and plunders, it is not a fantasy, it is fact. A murderer is hanged on scientific & forensic evidence, not on faith belief. before you ask God for blessing, ask yourself if you have exerted enough self-efforts to achieve what you wanted to achieve first ! ! !

ToneyS is proficient in many traits and trades, been an entertainer, vocalist, but really started off from an electronics hobbyist, to a hands-on experimenter, to an electronics sales person. He is also regarded as a home-made writer in par to a mouth-watering pie with a distinct taste in a pleasant witty twist ...... the flavours are free extras just not included in the price ! -: Aside from fun expression, my serious side also include being a language developer, also have I many inventions achieved over the years.

I have published four books so far this year, one of them is co-authored with Mrs. Hua. Wong who is also my business partner. If you like, you can take at look at

I have all together sixty plus websites at present, aside from the one mentioned above for the books, the following few might also interest you.
Mirror site for above :

One of the books that I recently published "Electrical, Electronics, Vibrations Simplified" ISBN 978-1-4276-3110-7, both our local major news presses The Nassau Guardian and The Tribune do not accept press release on ! ! This country is full of politics and favoritism ! !

Have the best of days friend !
Don't let the bed-bugs bite :-)
ToneyS Wong.

Interests: Curing the problems that we the reckless world people create !

Published writer: Yes

Freelance: Yes


Published works:


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  • Electrical, Electronics, Vibrations Simplified
  • Mr. Michael Jackson, ToneyS' Boggled View !
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