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steven donnini

Agent: Jim Schiavone
austin, Florida, United States

Steven Donnini
Born 1945
Grown up in Miami Florida,
Lives in Austin.


Writing Credits

Title: The Beach Bum Diares
Type: Drama / Comedy
Description:John Faulkner Farnsworth III, an aging hipster who after walking the plank at a New York ad agency becomes a Florida Beach Bum to write a trashy novel.

Title: Madame Larva’s
Type: Comedy
Description: Madame Larva, Antique Shop owner and her cat Peaches are superstitious. They believe the Larva family has experienced seven years of bad luck after a mirror accident. This is the last year.

Title: HorrorScope
Type: Horror (screenplay)
Description: A small town Detective Mike Dunn discovers a killer who is kidnapping local teenagers. The town of Mt. Dora is not prepared to deal with this kind of crime wave. The victims are chosen by their Astrological Signs. As the body count mounts, High School teens Sarah, Paul and Julia close in on the HorrorScope killer.

Title: Stake Through the Heart
Type: Drama / Comedy
Description: A young actor Danny and actress Barbara conspire to kill his abusive mother for an inheritance. Repeated unsuccessful attempts drive the young couple to more extreme and desperate measures.
Barbara says, “Well then, we’ll just have to hammer a wooden stake through her heart won’t we?”

Title: Rolling Thunder Road
Type: Drama / Action
Description: A young woman is kidnapped buy two Miami drug dealers who don’t realize she is the daughter of a famous motorcycle designer. They flee across country to Nuevo Laredo into the waiting grasp of Mexican lords and curtain death. Motorcycle club members from all over the Southwest come to her rescue.

Title: The James Brothers
Type: Drama / Comedy
Description: Identical twin brothers from Florida, build a media empire and powerful law firm. They find it’s impossible to fly strait in a place where the unexpected happens everyday.

Title: Buelo Eloso (Grandpa The Bear)
Type: Drama / Comedy
Description: Roberto Suarez and young grandson Jesse take a road trip to visit relatives and friends in northern Arizona. They experience the mystical powers of Tuzigoot Indian ruins in Clarkdale, Arizona.

Title: Jea
Type: Science fiction / Action Adventure
Description: A computer hacker meets an alien on the Internet. The meeting is the beginning of an adventure to save the Earth from insect invaders.

Title: El Casino
Type: Drama / Comedy
Description: A young art student is sent by his ailing father to the Grand Bahama Island to open an art gallery that sells worthless art. The art gallery is owned and controlled by bumbling Mobsters.

Title: The Humpback Creeper
Type: Drama / Comedy
Description: The grandson of a small circus owner spends his summer vacation traveling from one fair date to another.

Title: Ayahuasca
Type: Adventure / Drama
Description: A Peruvian Shaman leads a man on a spiritual journey to the center of his soul.

Title: Texas Roadhouse
Type: Drama / Comedy
Description: Every Country Song has a story that comes to life at the Texas Roadhouse.

Title: The Last Hero
Type: Drama / Action
Description: A paraplegic hero shows kids what’s right in the inner city.

Title: Poppy’s Corner
Type: Drama / Comedy
Description: Poppy’s Corner Store comes to life with the City’s night crawlers. Christmas is a time when miracles happen to people who don’t deserve them.

Title: Bloodline
Type: Science Fiction Action
Description: A police detective tracks down his father’s killer and captures a time traveler who has come back in time to retrieve his undamaged ancestral DNA.

Title: On the Border
Type: Drama
Description: Del Rio, Texas on the Mexican border, Sheriff Henry Kyle and the locals that endure nightly incursions into the US by Mexicans crossing the desert border. The body of a 10 year old girl, is discovered at a dam on the Rio Grande river. Sheriff Kyle calls in the Texas Rangers to help capture the killer.

Title: “Tabloid”
Type: Comedy
Description: This is about a reporter Skip Young, who gathers stories about Movie Stars, Celebrities and powerful Politicians for The National Inquisitor tabloid. His stories are by all accounts outrageous. The Alligator Boy from Houma, Louisiana with the face of an alligator and the body of a 12 year old boy. The Hollywood Starlet who is the illegitimate child of Marilyn Monroe.

New Creative Pathways in Creative Development.

A practical guide to creative thinking and how to create solutions on demand
"I got out your book/manuscript on creative thinking—polished it up and moved it five years ahead and tried out a lot of the concepts. Guess what! It worked—it worked really well. Not that we’re surprised, but , hey! What the hell, the kids caught on, grabbed it and went with it. And some students actually grew. I had a great time. You should think about making this a seller. Seriously."

Interests: Querky Novels about people in Florida and Texas.

Published writer: Yes

Freelance: Yes


Published works:


  • Madame Larvas Pussycat
  • Cutting Room Only
  • The James Brothers
  • Poppy's Corner
  • “Stake Through the Heart”