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Karen Longden-Sarron

Cape Town, South Africa



Her father’s saying, “You are what you want to be,” has been Karen Longden-Sarron’s motivation to becoming a successful Writer and Artist since she could first hold a pen or a crayon.
After completing a 12 month correspondence Authorship course in London in 1984, determination and discipline have brought about eleven books, some adapted to screenplays for film and animation; two for Adults and the rest for Youngsters, some of which she has also illustrated. An incurable passion to create drives Karen though she has not yet been published, as she knows success comes with the courage to persist against overwhelming odds.

Karen was born in Sheffield, England in 1960 but her family immigrated to South Africa when she was three years old. From being a child she has spent all her free time engrossed in her two passions; art and writing.
She studied Graphic Design after leaving school and in 1983 met her future husband, a French Racing Driver, which lead to her move to France. She continued in her field with her husband’s sponsors, Gauloises Blondes, creating artwork for their publicity as well as once she was fluent in French, became involved in PRO work liaising with the press for the team on the Grand Prix circuits. She was also a TV Presenter for Channel 9 Television for a year introducing each Grand Prix.
She returned to South Africa after the separation from her husband in 1996, and has since tried her hand at several enterprises; an Animated Activity book on CD for youngsters, a local monthly Publication, The Atlantic Splash as well as setting up and managing two guesthouses with her sister.
The tale of Lucy the ostrich in Cactus Jam has always been a favourite of Karen’s and was almost created into an animation movie some years ago, but despite having found a distribution company and having a sound track recorded for the film, the Executive Producer was unfortunately unable to raise the finance required for the production at the time. It was a huge disappointment to all concerned, but Karen never gave up and has subsequently improved upon the script of the story she so believes in.

Today, apart from still operating a Guesthouse, Karen sells her artworks and continues to write, certain as always, that a Writer is who she is.

Interests: Writing, Art & Illustrating, Music, Reading, Cinema and Baking

Published writer: No

Freelance: No