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Glen E Page MD

Agent: None
212 Churchill Drive
Burley, Idaho, United States


Home page:

PW-“Interesting. Can you give us an overall view of the Apocalypse Series?”

GP-“The book is a story of a group of social misfits and their journey through the Apocalypse to the final battle of Armageddon. Along with overall story line, each of the characters faces their own personal battles and demons during this journey.”

PW-“Demons, such as?”

GP-“Hate, Greed, Prejudice, Abuse, Oppression, Addiction, Poverty, Disease. The list goes on and on.”

PW-“As a physician you probably have seen some of these ‘demons’ in real life?”

GP-“More than I would like. People experience the heartache from the death of love ones. Others feel the overwhelming effects of disease. Many wounded by the deep scars of divorce. I’m astounded by the number of people who suffer from depression. Unfortunately there are many people out there who have lost all glimmers of hope for a better life.”

PW-“You talk as if you speak from experience.”

GP-“For many years I have spoken before groups and counseled individuals about these and similar problems. I hope I can continue to help the best I can.”

PW-“Dr. Page, is that the reason you write these books?”

GP-“One of the reasons. Writing allows me to address the world’s social ills in a non-threatening way, creating characters that struggle, and demonstrating ways they may overcome their tribulations. Hopefully it will give readers potential avenues that they too can succeed in conquering their ‘demons’ and find some meaning and happiness in their own lives.”

Interests: Family, Medical Practice, Music, Good Books, Sports

Published writer: Yes

Freelance: No


Published works:


  • The Last Plague (Apocalypse Series)