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Paula Bocciardi

San Francisco, California, United States


Home page:

Interests: music, community affairs, travel

Published writer: Yes

Freelance: Yes


Published works:


  • Luscious Jackson's Kate Schellenbach: Bad Jams, Jammed Thumbs and Slam Dunks
  • Lynn Perko: Imperial Teen Tightens Up
  • Dave Abbruzzese Does His Own Thing
  • From the Eye of the Storm
  • Is There Justice?
  • Kate Schellenbach
  • How to Be in Two Places at Once
  • Here Kittie, Kittie, Kittie
  • Something for the Girls
  • Carter Beauford Turns Pop Drumming on Its Head
  • Book Review: Layne Redmond, Women with Drums
  • Atsuko Yamano: Cutey-Pie Punk
  • Nature Book Reviews
  • Michael Spiro and Mark Lamson
  • Solo Brandy
  • Book Review: Brad Henderson, Drums
  • Marky Ramone: Gabba Gabba Hey, Part II
  • Blue Oyster Brain Surgeon
  • A Father's Day Tribute
  • Pop Music Book Reviews
  • Samantha Maloney & Stephanie Eulinberg: Hole Meets Kid Rock
  • Hilary Jones and Barbara Borden Clinic
  • It's a Family Affair: A Conversation with Pete Escovedo and Sheila E
  • Hopes and Dreams: Van Gogh's Daughter
  • Lady Cop
  • Gift Book Reviews
  • Drum Web Sites: What's Hot, What's Not
  • The Whole Enchilada: Paula's Journal from the Road