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Tanya Shekhovtsova

ZP, Ukraine


I work in comparative literature and linguistic studies. My research papers include articles in the areas of literary and linguistic theory, modern and contemporary European fiction, linguistics (applied and computational linguistics), management, sociology. The following articles are the most known in my literary career:
1) the article, which is called "Reflections on the Mature World of William Golding", is the most recent publication of mine, which appeared in a philological periodical, good – rated academic journal "Respectus Philologicus" on 25 October 2007 in Vilnius, Lithuania;
2) another article "The Double Language of William Golding's creative works" was accepted as a conference paper and further reviewed for publication in a scientific periodical journal "Gender Studies and Research" of Siauliai University, Lithuania;
3) the research paper of mine, which is called "Unambiguous Expressionistic and Impressionistic Nature of Lithuanian Short Novels in the Post – War Period of XX century" was accepted for reviewing in the above mentioned academic journal "Respectus Philologicus" on 25 October 2008 (¹ 14 (19)ISSN 1392-8295) in Vilnius, Lithuania;
4) I have recently finished writing a research paper / article called "Dramatic historicism of “The Maid of Orleans” (1755) by Voltaire in intertextual historic retrospection. Gradation of ideas and dogmas of creativity of Voltaire in the epic heroic poem" It is my first research paper on Voltaire, the Enlightenment and epic poetry, so that I tried to develop any of most important theories applying to the scientific literary and poetic analysis of mine, explore the philosophy of Voltaire's creative work and his view on history expressed through controversial creative writing in 18th c. (December 2008 / January 2009)
5) I have also recently written a paper called "Historic disintegration of the narrative of the novel “The Spire” (1964) by W. Golding in a diachronic study". (January 2009)
A multidisciplinary perspective on modern English literature (mainly twentieth-century British novel), linguistic theory, and philosophy of the Middle Ages.
6) Involved in scientific studies: W.Shakespeare, the Middle Ages, feudalism, Icelandic sagas,medieval Iceland and cognitive linguistics. (January 2009)
Writing a research paper called "Poetical Divergence of characters’ expression in sagas of the Middle Ages". (Jan.'09)
7) Exerting myself in essay writing / creative writing, which is basically dedicated to my past, present and future perception of life, history and culture of Scandinavia (Sweden and Norway, in particular) in Comparative Cross - Cultural Perspective. (March, April, May 2009)
8) Was accepted as an Official Blogger by (the network for international students, scholars and professionals who are in Sweden or have been to Sweden). (May.'09)
9) Has started an independent research on Demographic peculiarities of Viking Age in Norway. (August 2011)

Interests: My research interests are structure and functional features of the English language, comparative literary and linguistic theory, the English and Lithuanian literature, Baltic and Scandinavian history, pragmatics, western philosophy, psychology, philosoph

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  • Winter allusions
  • Nonfiction

  • Space and Culture (architecture + ceramics)
  • article "Reflections On the Mature World of William Golding"
  • article "The Double Language of William Golding's Creative Works"