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guinevere rowell

Baghdad, Iraq

I have had poems published by Cicada and Windhover. Like 94% of the American population, however, I am currently working on my first novel (But my mom firmly believes that I am a much better writer than J.K Rowling, so there you go).

I am a walking punchline - a blond Marine of Polish descent. I'm married to an amazing guy who does not necessarily agree with my intrepetation of events when recast into creative writing (that's what makes it creative, darling). I'm currently deployed to Iraq, about which I have no political opiniions whatsoever, so don't even ask. Iraq is the ultimate writer's retreat (because there's absolutely no distractions. Or joy). and I'm currently averaging about 800 words per day, so that novel should be finished by summer and my 25th birthday.

Interests: Besides writing - running, history, finance. I'm not actually as boring as it sounds... I also like pina coladas and taking walks in the rain.

Published writer: Yes

Freelance: No