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MC Alves

East 86
New York, New York, United States


Manuel Campos Alves

On-Line Fiction

(K)Nights in Third-World White Satin, Lisbon
Breakfast in America
Autos de Fe
Gardens of Stone


"Electric Avenue: Things Pseudo-Fictional and other Asides"
Political Editor; Correspondent At Large; Political Satire Column
Series of articles on Dukakis-Bush Campaign; Features, movie & music reviews, essays,
-Mixx Magazine

"At Large"
Column, commentary, features, articles, essays, 1992
Managing Editor-The Shamrock Press

Technical Manuals
MS-DOS 6.0 (275 pgs)
WordPerfect 6.0 (275 pgs
Lotus Notes 3.0 (250 pgs)
BACAS 3.5 Communications Module Technical Reference Guide (185 pgs)
BACAS 3.5 Table Maintenance Guide (375 pgs)
BACAS 3.5 Operator's Guide (375 pgs)
SoundScan User Manual (Novell 3.12) (125 pgs)
Bear Stearns I.E.F. Standard & Procedure Manual
Ogilvy & Mather Lotus Notes Technical Support Guide

MS-DOS 6.0 - Interactive Training Video (2.5 hours)
WordPerfect 6.0 - Interactive Training Video (2.5 hour)

Broadcast advertising, misc. scripts for game coverage & special events, 1979
- Waterbury Baseball Inc.-Oakland A's

Company Brochures

Networking and World Information
The GoodWord (corp. newsletter-contributor)


"Conversations with an Ectoplasmic Llama Called Harry"
Short Story Collection, 310 pgs. 1989

"Inter Lupus et Cannum (Between the Wolf and the Dog)"
Novel (work-in-progress)

Interests: Seeking publication interested in short fiction or non-fiction articles. Currently researching events in Spain during mid-70's involving clandestine activities between ETA and Royalist factions for both long and short

Published writer: Yes

Freelance: Yes


Published works:


  • Autos d' Fe