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Walter Martin

Greenwich, Ohio, United States


MSN: nightstrike04

I\'m Walter Martin and I currently live with my parents in Greenwich, OH whenever I\'m not in college. When I do go to college, I live on campus at Cleveland State University and currently majoring in film and digital media. My primary goals in life is to become a film director, actor, producer, and writer. I have published at least one novel called, \"Night Strike: The Norvellian Prophecy.\" I\'ve also begun my second novel which is called, \"Night Strike 2: The Discordia Plague.\" However, because of college, I haven\'t been doing much writing. In my reading and writing, I usually go for the science fiction genre. However, with my writing, I am planning on broaden in different variety of genres, but for now I\'m just writing science fiction. Namely because \"Night Strike\" is suppose to be a book series that involve world politics, religion, mythology, romance, deceit, and treachery. I first fell in love with writing after being inspired by George Lucas, the creator of Star Wars, and Mrs. Lauderman, my fifth grade teacher. I didn\'t had much of a chance to grow in my writing while attending South Central because the teachers were often strict on what I can write and are more interested in grammar than the whole structure of the essay. Once I left South Central to continue my high school with EHOVE, my writing was greatly improved because the teachers spend equal amounts of time in different aspects of writing whereas South Central teachers just concentrated on the grammar.

Interests: I love to read, walk, write stories, play video games, watch movies, spend time with friends, and make still & motion picture movies. I also do some drawing, photography, and computer designing.

Published writer: Yes

Freelance: No


Published works:


  • Night Strike: The Norvellian Prophecy
  • Walter\'s two Short stories