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Vladimir Kulichenko

Minsk, Belarus


Home page:

Dear friend,

My name is Vladimir Kulichenko. I am Russian writer and children books author. I was born in Minsk in 1960. In 1977, I entered the Library faculty of the University of Culture (St.-Petersburg) and finished it in 1982. After a service in the Soviet Army, I worked in the library. My first publications appeared in 1979 in humanitarian newspapers (Moscow, St.-Petersburg, Minsk). In 1985, my fairy tales for children were broadcast over the radio. In 1994, the publishing house "The Youth" published my fantasy story for young people under the title "Catamaran "Fugitive" (136 pg., 20000copies, ISBN5-7880-0565-5). This story tells how the school teacher, newspaper photographer and student of a mechanical college have departed for sailing on a catamaran on a mountain lake and met there humanoids…
In 1998, the publishing house "Modern Word" published my fairytale novel for junior schoolchildren titled "The Case of the Little Glass Men". This story is about a kind and funny soldier, strict militiaman, and little glass men from Africa (208 pg., 15000 copies, ISBN 985-443-021-9, hard cover, colour illustrations). English version edit by Australian writer Roger Carr.
One summer day, all of a sudden, the windows in the houses of small town begin to break. A militiaman, a photographer and a boy investigate the case. The photographer has got a tamed owl which can see little glass men who break the windows. The owl helps to track them, but it is very difficult to catch little men. At this time, a huge black man appears in the town. He is a magician from Africa. He sells ice-cream and looks for the little glass men who ran away from him. The photographer and the boy go to Africa by airmotorcar to find out mystery of the little glass men, which is hidden in the tomb of a priest somewhere in the jungle…
I hope to see the five my new children books next year. At present time I write two series modern novels for children’s (10-12 and 14-15 years).
If your have interest to my work, please, let me know.

Very truly yours,

Vladimir Kulichenko

Box 288
220131 Minsk
Republic of Belarus

Interests: fantasy

Published writer: Yes

Freelance: No