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Nigel Holloway

Cardiff, United Kingdom


Home page:

Nigel Holloway - CV

At the start of his career, Nigel wrote extensively for magazines. This was mainly fiction, but he also contributed some technical articles in his speciality field of Information Technology. He also worked as a freelance reporter and producer for a local radio station, working specifically on an arts magazine programme, which he also occasionally presented.

Since then he has concentrated on writing drama for stage, radio and television. He has written musical adaptations, and comedies, as well as straight plays for the stage. Three of his stage comedies have been recorded as podcasts, and are available from his website, or via iTunes. He is planning to record some of his other radio plays for download as podcasts.

In addition to writing, Nigel also acts, directs and maintains his own web sites at:

Nigel has a Degree in Applied Mathematics, and a Masters Degree in Astrophysics and Cosmology (but not Rocket Science) from London University.

He lives and works near Cardiff.

The following is a list of his most recent works:

Stage plays:

A Savoy Christmas Carol - A musical adaptation of Dickens’ classic tale, set to the music of Sir Arthur Sullivan

The Savoy Beggar’s Opera - A musical adaptation of John Gay’s original, set to the music of Sir Arthur Sullivan

Travesty - A dramatic reconstruction of the life of Charlotte Charke, and her relationship with her father, Colley Cibber.

The Off-The-Wall plays - A series of comedy plays about the exploits of the Off-The-Wall Theatre Company:

Big Idea (Podcast version available)
Ripping Off Angels (Podcast version available)
Prima Donna (Podcast version available)
Sunday League
Murdering the Mikado

Radio plays:

Nanny State - A study of the conflict between political responsibility and familial love.

Retirement Plan - A fantasy of one man’s fight against time, and his daughter.

Outtakes - A spoof comedy about the secret lives of television characters.

Burning - A drama based around the ambiguity of the stabbing of John Finch by the eighteenth century prostitute, Sally Salisbury.

Scartato - The story of how a discarded violin kindled the spark of love in an absent father for his abandoned daughter.


Spec scripts for Torchwood: Dragon
Side of the Angels

Spec script for Hustle: Exit Strategy

Foppington’s Mask - A serial in four episodes: the story of Colley Cibber, the most important figure in English Theatre in the early part of the eighteenth century, and the outrageous events in the lives of his children, Theo and Charlotte.

Interests: Eighteenth century theatre, comedy, musicals, radio, television, stage drama, film, skiing, golf, scuba diving, travel

Published writer: Yes

Freelance: Yes


Published works:


  • Big Idea
  • A Savoy Christmas Carol