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nigel jack

Agent: art of poetry train/ national archives of zimbabwe
harare, Rhode Island, Zimbabwe


Nigel Jack - a budding yet prolific poet among his peers - a novelist and journalist, will be best known for his vivid portrayal of the contemporary ‘third world’ Zimbabwe in his debut novel, Naked.
His passionate, imaginative, seemingly simple yet intellectually complex art is reminiscent of the unadulterated African lifestyle of the Shona people in Zimbabwe. He uses coyness and mock modesty to address anomalies within the complexity of the race – his race – of which he is so proud ‘and that which he loves he chastises.’
Born in Mt Darwin on 16 November 1979, Nigel began his primary education in 1986 at Dandamera Primary School in Concession. He attended four more primary schools, before reaching high school, during which time he experienced more than he comprehended.
He attended forms 1 to 6 at Oriel Boys’ High School where his mind and experience fell prey to an indisputably well read English Literature teacher who had an unquenchable desire for intellectual supremacy. Nigel, his ‘guinea pig’, innocently went through the process of intellectual revolution without conceiving any suspicion of its irreversibility.
His parents held his penmanship in sufficiently high esteem to send him to the Christian College of Southern Africa (CCOSA) from which he emerged, in 2001, with a diploma in communication and journalism. During the two years he spent in college he developed the hobby of writing and reading poems to his classmates.
He later decided to gather all the poems together - and came up with a manuscript that he entitled; ‘yet you love them’ and other poems.’ He lost this, his one and only manuscript, to a prominent writer whom he had asked to peruse the document pending its despatch to a publishing house.
In frustration Nigel gave up poetry and seasoned his mind to concentrating on his journalism profession and, in January 2002, joined a Bulawayo based newspaper, The Chronicle, where he worked as a junior court reporter. In 2003 he joined the Zimbabwe Broadcasting Corporation, where he was employed as a scriptwriter and researcher.
While he was at ZBC he experienced deep pangs of poetic nostalgia but frustration would supersede the intransigent passion that had, some time ago, earned him nothing but repentance. However, art is not a job it is a calling - and Nigel eventually gave in to the passion but this time he would try prose.
Within a fortnight Nigel completed a novel that he entitled ‘An apology for the life of Sean Quincy.’ He thought about his work and found it an incomplete history so he started writing another novel that he entitled ‘Trapped.’ He later joined the two books and the work became ‘Naked.’
Meanwhile he has just finished his second novel and is looking for a publisher. His first book naked was censored on political grounds though it is still on private market. He sold 221 copies of the book naked on its first week on market, by then he was being marketed by the largest book dealers in the country, Kingstons holdings

Interests: reading, tennis, travelling and brousing internet

Published writer: Yes

Freelance: No