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Paul Adkin

Madrid, Spain


I am a British born writer (Long Eaton, 1958) with a degree in Drama and English. I
grew up in Australia and, after graduating in 1979, worked as a playwright, director
and actor. One of my plays �The Jack and Jill Story� has been published
(Australian Nouveau Theatre, 1981) and performed in three countries. I have been
living in Madrid since 1986 and I run my own theatre company called �U.
I have also written a number of short stories, one of which, The Benevolent Farmer,
won a competition in the European newspaper (July,1995).
Novels: "Purgatory" can be found at Amazon, where it can be browsed in and
purchased in ebook format.
I also have two books of aphorisms: "After/birth" and "Filling Void"
In 2004 I formed a theatre company in Madrid, Spain, called �U.
�U teatro has premiered several plays of mine, including: "Kaspar Hauser" "I,
Consul" and "Hamlet Rex"

Interests: philosophy and history

Published writer: Yes

Freelance: Yes


Published works:


  • Purgatory
  • Purgatory
  • Scripts

  • Hamlet Rex
  • Jack and Jill Story
  • Hamlet Rex