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Gill Harley

Sevenoaks, United Kingdom

I am the author of Lord of the Dance, and I'm not one of life's great joiners.

But I've joined WritersNet in order to warn all authors that self publish about Diggory Press. Basically, if you go with them, they will take your money and then you'll never hear from them again, despite emailing and phoning them. They just won't reply.

For this reason, I am just one of 17 authors taking Diggory Press to court.

Most of the other authors of The Seventeen, as we are known, have much worse stories to tell than me. However, I need to join in their action because Diggory Press, for about six months now, has not answered any of my emails or telephone calls. These emails and calls were to order 100 copies of my book from them. So responding to me would have put, I should think, some much needed cash in their pockets. So that's when alarm bells began to ring. What sort of company doesn't answer their voicemails or emails that are about sales?

It may seem to outsiders pretty small potatoes, taking someone to court because they don't answer your emails. But the fact is, email is the only way that Diggory will accept any kind of contact at all with their authors. So by not replying to me over a long period, I had in effect no way to contact my publisher.

There is another issue. I got suckered in to their Platinum Package, where I paid them around 500 for a service in which they promised to get my books into the big book stores like Waterstones and Borders. Of course, they did no such thing. My books have not appeared in these stores, nor any others. So this is the situation with me. But as The Seventeen, we have now filed our court papers and are now awaiting Diggory's response.

I am keeping a blog on all this, so you may want to check in with it from time to time, to see how we're all doing:

Interests: Religious history, spirituality and shamanism

Published writer: Yes

Freelance: Yes


Published works:


  • Lord of the Dance