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Lindsay Brambles

Agent: Kelly Sonnack
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada


Lindsay Brambles was born in Ottawa, Canada in 1959. (Apparently it was a terrible snowy day when it happened, which could have been an omen). He was the fourth in what would become a family of six children (four boys and two girls). In 1968 his father, an electrical engineer, signed on with a Canadian subcontractor to CIDA (Canadian International Development Agency) for a job overseas. This began what would be nearly a decade of living and traveling in Pakistan, Iran, and Tanzania (which are, it should be noted, generally a lot warmer than Canada for much of the year – a definite plus for someone who hates winter). Lindsay also spent time with his parents and siblings in England (the birthplace of both his mother and father), Greece, France, and Kenya.

At an early age, he taught himself to read using Dr.Seuss books, after which he graduated to Tom Swift Junior and How and Why Wonder Books (among others), all of which fostered in him a lifelong passion for science and discovery. After grade three, his formal education was largely through the Ontario Ministry of Education correspondence course—with infrequent forays into traditional schools (none of which he liked). Always independent of mind and spirit (maybe a bit too much so), he has spent most of his post-academic life in a variety of unrelated jobs, ranging from construction to childcare, all while pursuing a vocation as an artist. (He's not a nine-to-five put-on-a-suit kind of guy; in fact, he only owns one tie and has worn it maybe three or four times, tops. Seriously. I kid you not.)

As a child living in Iran, Lindsay produced a weekly newspaper, gamely pounding out copy on a manual typewriter. (You may have heard of these machines – they existed before computers and their only RAM and CPU resided in the brain of the operator, with multiple copies of a work saved through the use of something called "carbon paper.") The newspaper, which was also illustrated by the author, proved very popular (though it had a somewhat limited circulation). It was this foray into the world of print that kindled what would become a lifelong interest in writing.
On and off over the years that followed, Lindsay would continue to engaged in the literary craft, and in 1989 won first prize in the Pine Cone II Science Fiction Convention writing contest for his military SF novella "Zero-Option." This story was later posted on the Internet to a few relatively obscure websites, but nevertheless has garnered something of a following and has been downloaded in excess of a hundred thousand times. Lindsay is in talks with a young filmmaker to eventually turn it into a movie, though that is sometime in the future.

When his most recent job came to an end Lindsay decided to take the plunge and devote more of his energy to writing. (Sometimes in life you've just got to cut the cord and take a chance. Better to fail than to have never tried, after all.) He signed with the Andrea Brown Literary agency and within the past year his YA novel Becoming Darkness was purchased by Capstone for their new Switch Press imprint. The book it due to be release in the fall of 2015.

When not engaged in the literary arts, painting (in the artistic sense—although he also has done plenty of the wall and ceiling kind), or earning money in less creative pursuits (a guy has to eat), Lindsay enjoys cycling (a lot), hiking, cross-country skiing, weight-lifting, reading (naturally), collecting Gold Key comics (love that nostalgia) and motion picture soundtracks (the orchestral kind—not those wretched song compilations), tinkering with computers (an absolute technophile), and just about anything that will expand his awareness of the world around him (he doesn't think you ever stop learning and that any knowledge you gain in life is worth something). Passionate about all science (he started drawing the detailed inner workings of rocketships at age three), he is especially interested in astronomy, cosmology, and quantum mechanics. (At the top of his bucket list is going into space. Hey, a guy can dream.)

Incredibly, Lindsay is one of the few people on planet Earth who doesn't own a cellphone (yes, it's true; people actually stare at him when he walks down the street because he doesn't have one glued to his ear). Nor does he own a car (though to be clear, he has had a driver's license for more than three decades). He also used to fly gliders (until the economics of that became impractical), once had a run-in with a bull elephant (in Arusha National Park in Tanzania; we ran like hell!), has deep-sea fished (in the Arabian Sea just off Karachi), dived off coral reefs (in the Indian Ocean near Dar es Salaam), ridden camels (in Pakistan), wandered through countless archeological ruins (a real history buff), used to play a lot of tennis (until he buggered up his elbow), ran countless ten K races (best time was 39 minutes) and has done a whole bunch of stuff that he's completely forgotten.

Lindsay is at present busily working on several books, and has completed early drafts of two novels of a proposed YA science fiction trilogy that spans from the not-too-distant future to the end of time, as well as drafts for the sequel and final novel in the Haven trilogy (of which Becoming Darkness is the first in the series). He has also completed drafts for two (somewhat fictionalized) biographical novels based on the early years of his mother's life, from the post-World War One 1920s through to the end of the Second World War. At some point in the future he intends to seek agent representation for the latter.

Interests: Fitness (road cycling, mountain biking, hiking, swimming, cross-country skiing, weight-lifting, etc.), reading (of course), painting (acrylic, oil, and water color), animation, astronomy, home renovation, interior decorating, and far too many other things

Published writer: Yes

Freelance: Yes


Published works:


  • Becoming Darkness