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Loretta Taylor

Agent: Seeking one
Stockton, California, United States


Home page: n/a

The majority of people who write a bio is more apt to write about theirí accomplishments. My bio is more about where I want to be with a slight connection to where I have been. It may be a bit unorthodox, but to fit the status-quo, I am writing one nonetheless. My tenure is an unknown published Author, an Author of poetry, printed in compilation, and an Author of fiction, with my first book titled; Running Back Past Forward. Yet, for me that is only a step and not biography material. As all Authors, I am sure--- I would like to be a recognized published Author. My path as a writer has been long, and I am sure it will be longer still. I would not be involved in this industry if I were looking for instant gratification. It takes time and perseverance. Time is not a guarantee to anyone, but as long as I have it, I will persevere. Writing poetry, and my first book based on fiction in this industry, is risky business, when you are an unknown. Yet, what can I say? I am a risk taker. If I were not, I would not write at all. This is who I am, and that is what a bio details. Those who know me and those who I have allowed to nibble on little tidbits of my life believe that my first novel should have been a tell-all book. Unknown writers have better chances writing non-fiction. Yet, as interesting as some believe my life may be, I would like readers to connect, with what I create within my mind, as opposed to the memories of it. Someday that may change, but for now, I will stay the course, and continue to write fiction.

Interests: writing/reading/poetry/music/art seperately or, as a whole virtually anything associated with the arts, ie; the theatre, dance, etc. Seeking potiental in others, in addition to myself and learning innovative ways in which to apply those ideas

Published writer: Yes

Freelance: Yes


Published works:


  • Running Back Past Forward