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Valerie Anne Faulkner

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Port Richey, Florida, United States


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Valerie was raised on Long Island, about two hours east of New York City. In the fifties and sixties Yaphank was rural and woods and fields housed just a handful of homes. Growing up in a small town one might be satisfied with small dreams. Not Valerie. She moved to Florida in 1973 with her husband and their first child. Parenting two more children she had the luxury of being a stay –at –home mom during the primary years of their lives. She and her husband Bill started an Electrical Contracting business in 1974 and she managed home and office while Bill worked out in the field.

Faulkner Electric inc. has successfully been in operation for over thirty four years. Bill and Valerie at one time had thirteen employees but have spent the past seven years as a team of two. Valerie’s husband taught her to do wiring and she works as an electrician along with him daily.

Together they reside on the west coast of Florida in a town called Port Richey. Their three grown children and their families live nearby as well as Valerie’s sisters and parents. When the clan gets together they make up about forty in all, last count.

Valerie is a woman of faith and enjoys life and all her blessings. She is not wealthy but is certainly rich. She is a typical American that has hurdles to jump and mountains to climb, but she never gives up. She believes in the promise of tomorrow.

During the course of writing her first novel Valerie’s daughter gave her a compliment that she holds in high regard. Her daughter said,” Mom, I know I know you, but while reading your book I realized you are a very special person; with an extraordinary story to tell.” Simply put she finished with, “If I didn’t know you, you’d be a person I’d like to meet.”

“I must be in Heaven a promise kept” by Valerie Anne Faulkner is a true story that captures the hearts of anyone who has known love, or wishes for the perfect love to be in their lives.

The story takes place in current time but excerpts from the past forty five years allow the reader to understand the very special life this couple had. In today’s world it is unusual to hear about first loves making it.

Valerie and her husband met in 1962. He was sixteen and she twelve. They were married in 1968 and just before their thirty seventh wedding anniversary the fairy tale was obliterated. Life as they knew it was threatened and only a miracle would allow them to continue.

Unconditional faith, courage and above all love, have been the premise of this story.
But … The promise made, one lonely desperate night, is the reason it had to be told.

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