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Katerina Kostaki

Athens, Greece


Home page:

Me and my family live in Athens , Greece. I am author ,feelance article writer and mentor, but I should better say that......
I am a little traveller in infinity.
I live, act and exist among thousands citizens that are also "dreamers" ( like me).
However I believe in human factor, values and effort of each person for provision and quality, along this travel that's named "Life ".
Learning from life and interactions with people, I try to incorporate each positive or negative element through the filter of my heart, cultivating the strong belief that each element is a "Life Course".
This wonderful travel in the space of writing began completely suddenly one morning into the full of boredome walls of Service where I used to work in the past few years.
This remarkable event empowered me with the strongest belief that " Inspiration " and " Spirituality " do not have space and time restrictions and overtake all kinds of obstacles reaching in their target that is "Creativity ".

My inspiration derives from Classic Hellenism as well as history, spirituality, traditions, values inherited by Wisdom distilled from centuries and need for social and self improvement.
Working as author, I would like to mention that the more basic motive for starting writing of my first book, as well as my articles was and still is my personal wish, each human existence to travel in the unique kingdom of words and pictures, overtaking the footprints of one hard reality that existed, it exists and I hope at some time it finally disappears.

Feeling that "The travel of life" is the greater and most exciting travel in this world, I am sending my full of Love advice to you to follow the footprints of your soul and cherish the travel !
However, what is worth is the travel, not the destination!

Katerina Kostaki
author-article writer

(in Greek and English interpretation)

My e-mail addresses are: and

My first book ( written and published in Greek language )entitled "The Life Journey that derives hopes" is published by Andys Publishers Edition, Solonos 54, 106 72 ATHENS , tel.:3210 3628288, 32103600024

Interests: writing, reading, travel

Published writer: Yes

Freelance: Yes


Published works:


  • "Life Journey that derives hopes- "Το ταξίδι της ζωής φέρνει ελπίδες"