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lorraine williams

Vicksburg, Mississippi, United States


ďItís a girl!Ē Bright eyes, smooth skin, and a thick soft head of hair, those were some of the traits that describe me as a baby. I was born in Albuquerque, New Mexico during the spring of the year. March 26 to be exact. You need not know the year. My father, Oliver Hobbs, Jr., was in the military so my life was filled with travel. Six months after I was born, we moved to South Carolina. This was just a stop where we were prepared for a tour of duty in Germany. My family was stationed in Germany for three years and a half. I remember experiencing my first snow and speaking German as my first language.
We then came back to the States for a few months in New Jersey and then a few months in South Carolina then we were sent overseas to England for three years and a half. While in England, my parents signed me up as a travel-study student. This allowed me to travel to several foreign countries: Italy, Franc, Belgium, Ireland and Brazil to name a few. The one country I loved the most was Mexico. While I was there, I met my great-grandmother. She was 96 at the time and she would ride around town on a moped. She was full of life and I admired her spirit. She died at the age of 105 from a bout of the flu and pneumonia. I learned a lot from just watching her handle people. I now know where I get my fiery spirit from. She would never back down from her principles.
My family went from England to Louisiana as my dadís military career began to come to an end. He retired in Louisiana and we finally moved to Georgia. I graduated high school in Augusta, Georgia. I was sixteenth in a class of 663 at George P. Butler High School. While in high school, I focused on singing. I used those skills to gain a vocal scholarship to several colleges: Rutgers, Florida State, University of Georgia, Spelman, and couple more. I settled on Alcorn State University in Lorman, Mississippi. I chose Alcorn overall the rest because I wanted a chance to experience an aspect of life that I was not able to experience during my childhood: to be in the deluge of African-American culture. While at Alcorn, I met and married Stafford Williams, gained a bachelorís degree in Psychology, a Masterís degree in Teaching and in Guidance Education minus three classes. I also had three children. I am now working toward receiving a doctorate degree in Educational Leadership k-12 from Walden University.
I have worked in different capacities since 1995. I have been a table games dealer, counselor, program facilitator, and now a teacher. I have enjoyed my life and I am looking forward to the rest of it. I know I can face any adversities with pride and a belief that I am striving to be the best person I can be.
My passion is writing. I feel I can touch the heart of others in my writing and by just passing my thoughts on. I f I am given a chance, I want to use my writing to inspire others.

Interests: My main interests is to write children's books and true to life books about issues that get sugar-coated by the media, such as rape and abuse. I write children's books that are helpful to educators as well as the children that read them. I am a new writer

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  • My Mate IS My Mirror?
  • My Mate IS My Mirror?