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J.S. Longstreet

Guelph, Ontario, Canada


Home page:

Born January 29, 1983, and raised in Guelph, Ontario, J.S. Longstreet never knew he'd one day be writing stories of silliness and fantastical adventures. Throughout his life, J.S. has been confronted by challenge after challenge. His best friend was his vivid imagination. The fireworks of ideas persisted through childhood, blossoming more brightly as time passed. In his ninth year of school, his creativity found an appropriate outlet, as he was asked to satisfy a requirement for an English class. Given a set of random words, J.S. had to choose only a few and write a short paragraph. Unable to constrain himself to this assignment, J.S. produced a two-page short story that over the years grew into "Bubblegum Wishes".
Aside from his continued fascination with novel writing, he has dabbled in acting, animation, and comic strip artistry. His short-run of "RESET!" comics appeared in the University of Guelph student newspaper The Ontarion.
J.S. Longstreet is eagerly searching for new ideas, innovations, and vocabulary. Novel writing has been a learning process that so far has kept his mind continuously bubbling. Writing, hobbies, and the working world have been constant fields of interest for young J.S. He has immersed himself into several fields of employment, learning each trade and what it means to work it: landscaping, customer service, food service, waste management, professional truck driving, free-lance animation, and the airline industry have all been deeply appreciated sources of occupation. Each experience only adds to the depth of knowledge that acts as an experiential basis for his written work. Driving a transport truck, J.S. Longstreet was able to explore North America, seeing the beautiful world in his own backyard. He hopes to continue his explorations across the rest of the known world while writing about others more fantastical.
Always a dreamer, J.S. decidedly dedicated himself to a universe known as the Different Dimension. It is the dimension of dreams. The Ant Theocracy and several Christmas short stories have all been brought to life within this realm. "Bubblegum Wishes" too takes place within the Different Dimension--for the most part, on the world of food. Food is, after all, one of J.S.'s favourite subjects.

Interests: Writing comedy, twisted plots, inventing silly ideas, cartooning, video games, and reading.

Published writer: Yes

Freelance: No


Published works:


  • Bubblegum Wishes