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Jim Ricca

Agent: Alan Gray
Columbia, Pennsylvania, United States


18 year US Army Vet, drafted during Vietnam era with 2.5 years active and 16 reserves. Military Police, Artillery, "Advisor" and Mechanized Infantry. Highest rank, MSgt, but got out with the same rank as when I was drafted, Pvt.
College on the GI bill, AA Law Enforcement, B.A. Political Science/History. 3.95 GPA.
Manangement Career includes; trucking industry, printing/publishing, mining, and several years as special agent/special investigator for the Federal Gov't.
Have written editorial rants for numerous small town newspapers until one was fire bombed due to one of my rants. Also wrote tons of business sedatives, policy/procedure manuals, short stories, legal briefs and personal opinions on bathroom walls.
Lived in PA, GA, CO, MD, NJ, WA, and best of all, Alaska.
Curently attempting to get my two books published, "Legacies, an American Journey" a fictionalized history of my family's outrageous military and law enforcement exploits from WWI,WWII,Korea and Vietnam. In between the wars it relates their deadly and not always legal battles with the Mafia.

And, "Snarfles the Wonder Dog, This sure as hell isn't a Disney Story." A humorous action-adventure story about a man and his dog who loved the outdoors so much, they forgot to return home from a hunting/fishing trip to Alaska until 10 years later. The main character's motto, "No good deed goes unpunished," will be poroven beyond a doubt. The book will definately cause you to cringe, get a little sqeamish and laugh out loud.

Interests: Obviously, writing, also surf & freshwater fishing, photography, target/skeet/trap shooting, woodworking, auto repairs/upgrades,avoiding the wife's to-do list

Published writer: Yes

Freelance: Yes