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Christopher Scott

Agent: n/a
Memphis, Tennessee, United States

Working on a great book and should complete it very shortly. Look out here i come world :)

Here are a few poems i've written in my spare time enjoy:

Life is a journey.... which way do i go
I can only live... the best way i know
Sometimes im happy... filled with joy thats everlasting
and sometimes im sad... with a heart that feels like collasping
Each and everyday I gain a little bruise
The struggles of life often leave me confused
Im scared to choose..... which route is the best... and i wonder if i am passing gods true test
Either way I stand.... ready to face whatever is next
Standing strong because inside there is so much left

Life a journey filled with bumps and turns..
And through our mistakes we always can learn....
You fall to rise and rise to fall..
Just hoping to survive and last through it all...
Dreams set you free... Reality binds you to chains...
Sometimes it hard to deal with the pain...
I fought.... I tried so hard not to cave...
With tears abundant hidden in rain...
I am Proud... I am Strong
Who would have thought id last this long....
Live life to the fullest..... I say to you
And in my dreams I pray for you...
No Im not perfect... but perfection I strive
See the heart of a beast within these eyes...
To all who read i wish you the best in life....
Ending this poem with a simple.....GOODBYE

If i cried for you... could that change our weather
If i died for you.... would that make things better
I can only do my best for you... yet time and time again i am made the fool
you have knocked my heart off balance... but im still here
you exploit my fears... leaving me in tears
What have i done... to deserve this horrible pain
You have a gun loaded... and my heart is the aim
Ill take a shot or two... If i can just be with you
and if i am to die... i still love you

feel free to email me at for anything

Interests: Just about everything, i enjoy expanding my knowledge. You can never learn to much!

Published writer: No

Freelance: Yes