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Jessie Ryan Hammond

Agent: agentname
Lake, Michigan, United States

I am here, seeking an Agent for three projects:

1) Vengeance of the Fallen

High School is officially over for seniors: no more homework, no more teachers, and most of all, no more drama. At least, thats what they presume.
Amber and Zeahgan are in love; but Trevor, who also loves Amber, threatens their idyllic relationship.
In a jealous rage over his unrequited feelings, Trevor goes ballistic and calls on the help of his gang, The Six. His obsession soon becomes fatal and leads to the murder of some of Zeahgan's loved ones.
Zeahgan and his best friend, Blake, are enraged. The Six spilled the blood of people they love; now, they want The Six dead. Blake, Zeahgan, and their remaining friends gang up to take The Six out; this turns into the bloodiest gang war that Detroit has ever seen.
After the enemy’s blood is shed, Zeahgan and his friends start seeing ghosts. With every further drop of blood spilled, the hauntings become more frequent and terrifying. Then, the gangs get locked up together in the same house, and it begins claiming lives.
It's either kill, or be killed; and everyone wants blood. Especially those that have already fallen.
Written to address the issue of teen violence, Vengeance of the Fallen serves to illustrate how violence only begets more violence.

2) The Guardians and the Army of Slaves


Twenty years ago, a band of angelic guardians joined a coven called, “The Order,” so they could face the resurrection demon named: Azaroth, The Gatekeeper.

During their epic battle, their leader, Joshua Michael faced his utter demise. However, without Joshua, they could not kill the demon, and so they were forced to banish him back to Hell. And, for as long as all of the remaining five Orders continued to survive, Azaroth could not come back.

Twenty years have passed by and one of the remaining five was brutally murdered. And now the magic that once bound the resurrection demon to Hell had been completely obliterated.

Taking advantage of the situation, Azaroth has come back, more powerful and more enraged, than ever before. The Gatekeeper resurrects an army of zombies so that he could conquer the world. And, with every passing moment, his army grows bigger and bigger.

And, now, the new leader of The Order must use his questionable methods to defeat the undefeated enemy, and to save the world. But, little do the guardians know, Azaroth’s army is much greater than theirs. How can they possibly save the world, when they can barely stay alive?

3) Climbing Mount Hope


Climbing Mount Hope is a book of a wide-range of different genres of poetry: dark, love, happy, somber, angry, comical, etc. Unlike Locked in Emptiness, Climbing Mount Hope is also written in different formats, including Pantoums, Freeverse, and Rhyming.

Most of the poems in Climbing Mount Hope are about various struggles. Meanwhile, the other poems are about hope and dealing with them. And, just to mix it up, I have also included some passion-filled love poems in it.

So, if you are interested in representing any or all of my works to sell to major publishing companies, then please let me know.

My email is

Thank you.

Interests: Music, Guitars, Writing, Friends, Dating... lol everything any 20 year old is into....

Published writer: Yes

Freelance: No


Published works:


  • Locked In Emptiness
  • Locked in Emptiness