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Njideka Israel

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Diamond Vale, Trinidad and Tobago


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Born and raised in Diego Martin, Trinidad I was always very crafty. As a young child I made different presents for my parents out of card board, paper, paints, feathers, and almost anything else available to me. As I got older I did really well in Secondary school Art, acrylics being my strength at the time. I also started designing and printing tickets, flyers and invitations for events simply using Microsoft Word and photographs. This is when I recognized my passion for creativity. In secondary school I also wrote short stories and poetry but was very discouraged one day when all of my work, kept neatly in a note book, was stolen from my school bag. I stopped writing completely until one day in college I decided to try again. There I wrote my first poem in years called "My Weakness." After being recognized by peers for this work I have been writing my memoirs in the form of poetry which has not only enabled me to learn more about myself and my life, but has also touched the hearts of others who have been able to relate to my words. For them, I keep on writing.

Interests: poetry, music, dancing, arts & craft, mentoring

Published writer: No

Freelance: Yes