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Jude Dias

Dehiwala, Sri Lanka

First of all its great meetin u [hehe at least thru the net] and the first thing that i'd like to tell is that i wanna be friends with u all so join in the fun alon with me. I'm Jude and thats what everyone calls 'moi' and i hav a few other names as well but oh well!!!! I'm 18 and this October i'm going to "officialy" get my drivers license and thats something i've always wanted since i was a wee lil kid. HEhe.... Anyways the days are nearing and i can't wait to hop on the seat of a ferrari. Well I've lived abroad [in UAE 4 a fact] for a 11 years and to tell u the truth i prefer there than here in Sri Lanka. Well i'm due to leave Sri Lanka the following year either to The UK or USA but it's most probably USA. And plus its the next year when i graduate outta school and finally i get to face all that the world has gotta throw at me. I like to do many things and hehe sometimes i think i'm also growing crazy. And plus i like to always do something new and moden so i'm in 4 those sort of stuff. Just to list my likes, i like to read, write poetry as well as novels [u can see my poetry in my Journal btw] then i like to watch movies, listen to ANY song and like to do crazy stuff all the same. Well i guess there are many more things when it comes to me but only a few close friends know who Jude really is. Crazy huh!!!! But i like to keep it a secret. Well what about it? Is this enough or should i say more. Oh yes i like to mess around with sports as well and i wish i always can play baseball but sad to say Sri Lanka does not hav that beautiful game. Sad isn't it. Well i luv soccer and i've been playing it for soo long that i guess i'm really good at it. {hope i'm not boasting]. I also play a lil cricket but they always turn out to be fiascos as i never get the hang of that sport. Whew!!!! I get always laughed at when i play cricket. Hehehe... I'm acting silly. Well i guess i have to go but before i go i want to assure u that I'll be a good friend and u can trust me with anything. Just ask my close friends, [some of them are the girls who have given comments]and they'll confirm it 4 u. I like to meet people, get to know about them and in the end be close friends. How's the idea. I think its quite good.

Well that's it for now but if i do remember to add anything then i'll do it as soon as possible. See ya!!!

Interests: Writing, Playing soccer, Reading, Watching the telly and having lots of fun.

Published writer: No

Freelance: No


Published works:


  • ~Castles in the Clouds~ by Jude [includes Prologue and Chapter 1]