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Laura Quigley

18 Spring Park
Plymouth, United Kingdom


I've written all my life, but it's taken me 30 years of hard work and having kids to find what I really what to write about - real people. I write great dialogue, and when I find a great story to tell, I write it with passion and persistence. Each piece is for a particular audience, and, when it's ready, I step away and let the actors and audience discover the material for themselves. That's the part I really enjoy, feeling the audience move with the text, move through the text, and then take it away with them, like something you keep safe in your pocket, or the bottom of your handbag.

At the moment, I'm obsessed with the effect of war on families, and I've looked to history to try to understand it. In the seventeenth century, a local widow called Mary Howard used the law to destroy the most sadistic general of the English Civil War, and save a city under siege. And all that's left of her is a ghost story. She's not a good person but she's interesting in all the right ways, and she and her sadistic husband have become a succcessful book: "The Devil Comes to Dartmoor", for The History Press, selling brilliantly in America as well as Devon!

I've done film scripts too, trained in the format and worked with Stephan Shakespeare of Had a few short films made, published a few short stories, had a play on stage which was great. But that's enough about me now, I think I'll get back to writing about other people.

Interests: Films that stay in your head for more than a day, television with a good selection of female characters with distinct voices (not much for soap operas), walking in the woods, taking train journeys and getting off anywhere I feel like, collecting cafe conv

Published writer: Yes

Freelance: Yes


Published works:


  • Ten Steps to Beat Depression
  • The Devil Comes to Dartmoor
  • Bloody British History: Plymouth