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Kody Boye

Shelley, Idaho, United States


Home page:

'A horror writer to watch out for,' ~ POD People

His writing started when he was just seven years old in a small, fourth-grade classroom with a teacher that would end up changing his life forever. His teacher asked the class to write what he calls an ‘object specific’ story, in which included several different topics. He chose ‘What’s behind the closed door’ and went with it. He didn’t stop writing, and by the end of the class he had written the first chapter in a fantasy novel. He was hooked by the sensational charm of the way the words could go onto the page.

By the time he was eight he had finished his first novel (what he considered to be a novel at the time; it came to 54 single-spaced, twelve-point Arial font.) He lost writing for a while, but when he turned eleven it came back. He continued to write fantasy, but it started becoming darker, more sinister than the normal fairy-tale-esques that were being written all around the world.

When he went into the eighth grade at the age of thirteen, he almost gave writing up entirely until he met a lower-English/ Idaho History teacher. He remained in her English class for two weeks before he was to be transferred into another class, but when she asked him about his writing, it jump-started him when she asked to read it. He wrote his first two real-length books, coming near 50,000 words, in a matter of months, then went into a dark fantasy quintet that consisted of five books until he stopped writing fantasy.

That was when the horror genre hit him. He became obsessed with the horror genre unlike ever before. Jaws, Dawn of the Dead, Cujo, Ginger Snaps, Scream, and several other movies convinced him to write his first horror novel. He completed this novel in two weeks; a 70,000-word tale about the zombie apocalypse and the potential end of the world.

In January of 2007, he submitted a short story called A Prom Queen’s Revenge to a webzine. It wasn’t a few days later that the editor--Cindy Rosmus--took up the task of reworking the story from him, and by May it was published; his first traditionally-published thing, unlike the self-publishing he attempted but didn’t have the funds to make it work.

To this day, he still writes horror, along with the sub-genres of mystery, thriller and sometimes bizzaro fiction. He also writes dark fantasy, but he considered horror and the many sub-genres that come with it to be his true passion.

Interests: Writing is my main interest, but I also play in the fields of photography and some editing.

Published writer: Yes

Freelance: Yes


Published works:


  • [A] Prom Queen's Revenge
  • Happy Ending
  • Notice Me
  • Maddie
  • His Touch is of Ice- Part 1
  • Love Bites