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Anthony Harrington

Little Rock, Arkansas, United States


AOL: harri3601

When I was about eight years old I found an old typewriter in my Grandmother's attic. It was a heavy yellow metallic manual style with a dual colored ribbon. (Red and Black)

It was the first keyboard I ever set my fingers on and instantly the words began to flow. I found that all the stories in my head flowed freely to the page and I couldn't wait to share my stories with my family and friends.

I started writing an anthology called "The Liars Path" and likened it to the old stories I used to read in the Twilight Zone magazine and Alfred Hitchcock and Sherlock Holmes publications.

At eight and nine years old I wrote for a very select target mom. In hindsight I am surprised she did not rush me off to a home for deranged boys as the stories were blatantly violent as I equated blood and guts with horror.

Instead of calling the priest for an exorcism my Mom did the weirdest thing, she bought me a new typewriter. She encouraged me to write and write I did. I went through endless reams of paper and spools of ribbon.

As I entered high school I spent far less time writing until one day during I came across "The Keep" by F.Paul Wilson and the story sparked something in me and soon I was writing because I realized that I too had stories to tell.

Now I am thirty-two years old and have finished my first novel. After years in the process including extensive re-writes and edits I feel that my story is ready to be told.

I am actively seeking publication and not having many resources or experience I am learning as I go along. I am in search of a literary agent who can help with editing and such.

I have a completed manuscript which is 113,000 words in length and well over 400 pages double spaced with 1" margins.

The story is "FRAYED" and revolves around a young man, Kevin Kessecker, who seems to have it all. A successful business, a loving wife and a baby on the way. He is surrounded by friends who adore him and protect him.

When Kevin receives word that his estranged father has committed suicide he tries to come to terms with the feelings stirred within him. For years he lived with the memory of his father as a cold and calculated man who seemed to always be watching him and never truly seeing him. Kevin becomes concerned that whatever madness led his father to the final desperate act lays dormant in him and worse yet, he could have passed it on to his own child. Then people begin dying.

As Kevin's friends are picked off one by one photo's of him as a child are left at the grisly scenes. The police close in on him as a prime suspect and he has little choice but to dig deeper into his sordid past.

With the help of a private detective whose priorities are not necessarily in line and the suspicion of two police officers tied mysteriously to the detective's past Kevin finds himself in a race against time as a cold-blooded killer sets his sights on Kevin's wife and unborn child.

Interests: Reading, Writing, Live Theatre, Movies, all kinds of music from classical to r&b (yes, even country) Interested in becoming a published author

Published writer: No

Freelance: No