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Scotty Roberts

Agent: agentname
2030 E. Larpenteur Ave.
Saint Paul, Minnesota, United States


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Yahoo: seamus_duggery

Illustrator and writer of fiction and poetry occupationally
hovering in the advertising ghettos of Minneapolis & Saint
Paul, Minnesota. Creative Director, Art Director,
communications and marketing dude when necessary.

I can be more or less defined by my role as a Dad; a single
parent with sole custody of my three exuberant children,
who live with me in my home. My life is a paradoxical
roller coaster of hellacious joy and insightful
befuddlement, and were it not for my buoyant, easy going
nature, I would most assuredly have lost my sanity years

I value a good pipe, a stout pint, and consider myself a
purist when it comes to single malt highland Scotch -
which for me is not a tool of inebriation, but rather an
enlightened repast to be shared with colleagues and like-
minded pedagogues of philosophy and hob-knobbing

I am a contemplative, spiritual man of consideration who
values intelligence, wit, justice and touch. I do not shy
away from a good fight, and have had a few brawls in my
day - whether on my behalf or in defense of another -
and, were times different, would most probably be known
wide and abroad as an expert swordsman. However, in
keeping with my paradoxical nature, I prefer employing
words over weapons, wit above profanity, spirituality
above religion, stalwartness above inconstancy. And as I
grow older, my burgeoning jaded cynicism is wholly
tempered by my desire to not become an ass.

I love my family, cherish my friends, and hold them close.
My humor is wry, my mind is fertile, my spirit is
longsuffering, and my love is deep.

Interests: History and historical places - I love standing in places where history took place; movies; the sword; horsemanship; travel

Published writer: Yes

Freelance: Yes


Published works:


  • The Rollicking Adventures of Tam O'Hare