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Luke Zammit

St.Julians, Malta


Well I'm 17 years old. I started to write short stories and poetry when I was 13, thou my first story was written year 1999, called 'Lost In Time'. I rewrote the stories when I was 16 and I also wrote others. I also started writing a script when I was 16.

My inspiration comes from anything in my everyday life; either a word, an object or a song. Any ideas that I get, start to develop before I sleep.

Apart from writing I also like creating something from used objects (abstract).

I like the effect of black and white/good vs evil/light and dark!

I'm NOT a professional, thou I do wish to take a course in screenwriting, if I ever find one.

I wish to find a partner or 2 to write screenplays together, so that there would be different ideas and emotions.

My Genre: Fantasy/Fiction

Fav. Colour: Silver

Bands/Songs of inspiration: Evanescence, Eurovision 2000 Norway, Poets of the fall.

If you want to ask me something/anything, just message me.

Interests: Writing short stories, short rhymes and lately I started writing a script. I also like web design, but I only know basic stuff. I like/appreciate all types of arts but my favourite is abstract art (pictures/models).

Published writer: No

Freelance: No