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William C. Newman

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Yamatokoriyama, Japan

From time out of mind humanity has sought to scratch its various stories into the firmament. Whether to gain some modicum of personal immortality, to touch and move others to new or broader insights, or to persuade the masses of the day to accept doctrines, the importance of writing has been unparalleled in its power to affect the world in which we live. It behooves each of us to develop our ability to use words in order to make our communities and our planet safer and more equitably sustaining for all.

This is what moves me to write. This is the source of the passion in my pen. Writing -- both my own and that of others -- draws me out of a relentlessly self-reflecting ego, brings life-sustaining wind to a mind straining for the cleaner air of a more meaningful reality, ignites the fires of inspired thought. From the very first scribbling of my crayons on the walls of my childhood home, through later red pen-edited scratchings at school, and on into this middle-aged prodding and stirring in the cauldron of world events and the human condition, it has been all about exploring and expressing the grit of reality and the unexpected epiphanies of life through the beauty and power of the written word.

I look forward to sharing the exceptional adventure of writing with you all.

William C. Newman

Interests: Educational and informational writing, as well as opinion articles and fictional and non-fictional essays, especially with regard to political and social activism, religious and traditional spiritualism, numerous global issues, human communities especiall

Published writer: Yes

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