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Paul D. Murray

Dublin, Ireland

Paul, a 28 year old Dublin man with an idea for a novel sits at a keyboard and all of a sudden, quite unexpectedly,the words began to flow from his fingertips,after about three hours he has a chapter. the next day he's standing on a packed city tram so close to the blonde lady standing next to him that he catches a faint whiff of her underarm deodourant it envokes in him the memory of a girl long forgottten and an experiance never to be repeated and wham there and then he's got a twist for his novel. this writing lark is getting easier by the day.......he wants to ask this lady out but is unsure how wait what would the lead character in my novel do in this situation. and bingo the next night he's having dinner with the blonde lady- who's name turns out to be joanne- from the tram. he thinks to himself wow this writing lark is not only easy its pretty useful too!

Interests: Reading Writing Sports IT

Published writer: No

Freelance: No