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Sergey Ermolov

St.-Petersburg, Russian Federation


What is really going on in the territory of Сhechnya? It’s a name which nobody in Russia can ignore.
The truth can only be truly known by someone who has actually been to Chechnya and lived through it. Otherwise it’s not possible to just talk about something that gives the most intense impressions on war – about death.
This new novel of Sergey Ermolov is a confession of how one attempts to succeed in surviving in action and why it’s not possible.
The necessity to survive defines a person's perception and morality of what’s going on during a bloody massacre. A reader may want to argue with him, but it is hardly possible to persuade someone what it is like to live with a sense of death for so long. During the three months a soldier is commissioned, they experience a continual series of deaths and the
bloody hell of fighting. All this is ordinary for war, but can be very unexpected for one who is used to watching military actions only from a distance.
The directness and sincerity of impressions in a novel named “Welcome to the hell” lets a reader reconstruct the reality of those events with the impartiality of a
Throughout the novel, a reader can see what military action is really like in Chechnya. Through the eyes of a witness, the reader can experience the feelings of a man who is killing others and striving to escape his own death. Real operations escorting columns, “cleaning up” villages and fighting against outnumbered enemy forces reveal the new personality of a Russian solder that have been revealed in the course of the Chechnya war.

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  • Welcome to the hell