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Lloyd Hunter

Diamond Bar, California, United States


Author Biography

My name is Lloyd L. Hunter, and I was born on a farm in the backwoods of Louisiana, in a log cabin, on a lake, in 1943. A college education was not a goal aspired to by ninety-nine percent of the farmers in that area. For me, farming was not an option. Magazines showing white-collar professionals making a living inspired me to set my goal to obtain a college education.

After graduating from High School in 1964, I spent four years in the United States Air Force as a Security Policeman, attaining the rank of Sergeant. A month after my discharge, I settled in California and soon started attending a junior college.

I married my college sweetheart in 1971. We graduated together from Los Angeles Trade Technical Collage with A.A. Degrees in 1972. We also graduated together from California State College at Los Angeles in 1974. Working full time and going to school full time, I received a B.S. Degree in Business Administration, along with my wife who received a B.A. Degree in Psychology. We have been married for 36 years and have two children. I also had a daughter, before marriage. I am a retired Aerospace Engineer.

I have been writing for many years, which started as a hobby. I have taken classes in creative writing, read books on writing fiction, non-fiction, plotting, development, dialogue, and screenwriting that have helped me in developing the craft. The people I have met and talked with in classes, and at writing seminars over the years were from all lifestyles, and have led me to appreciate the creativity within each of us.

Literary Projects

BLACK MAVERICK hit the bookstores in 1997. It is a historical novel about two adopted brothers. One is an ex-slave and the other an orphaned Mexican raised from childhood as brothers by an elderly white man. Both fight in the Civil War against slavery and one becomes a hero.

MAN ON THE RUN is the biography of my grandfather. It tells the story of a boy that leaves home in search of the adventure that he had heard many stories about. He soon winds up in jail after shooting a man. This starts him on a life of living on the edge of reality and insanity. His insatiable lust for beautiful women, fine liquor, and fine clothes often put him in situations where he has to kill or be killed. He was in and out of prisons and running from the law for more than 20 years. BookSurge LLC, an company, published MAN ON THE RUN in August 2005.

CRIMSON TRAIL, a sequel to BLACK MAVERICK, focuses on the kidnapping of the Sands brothers' families while they are on a cattle drive. Their father is wounded, but still he joins the posse to trail the outlaws, and he sends word to his sons of the kidnapping. The posse turns back when they reach the Crimson Trail, a no man's land between Mexico and the United States. The Sands brothers join their father on the trail and heads for Mexico to rescue their families. A lot of blood is shed on this trail, and beyond. The women are separated, causing the Sands men to take different trails, which leads to situations that will try the soul. However, in the end, the Sands men reunite for the rescue, and for a final showdown. This novel is in progress.

SILENT KILL, a screenplay about a boy struck by lightening and left with night vision and a keen sense of hearing. He later wins the Congressional Medal Of Honor in South Vietnam. He returns home where he has to fight another war with a drug lord to protect life and family. This screenplay has not been optioned or produced, but I am seeking representation.

SHADOWS WARRIORS, a screenplay inspired by a true story is written as a tribute to black soldiers of past wars, in particular WWII, in an attempt to bring the gallantry of black heroes to the forefront. SHADOW WARRIORS tells the story of bravery, sacrifice, distrust, and racism as seen through the eyes of three soldiers during WWII. This screenplay has not been optioned or produced, but I am seeking representation.

RED GOLD, a screenplay focuses on a Detective seeks revenge on the mobsters who murdered his wife and daughter, and uncovers the lucrative world of kidnapping the homeless and others for the harvesting of Rare Blood for sale on the black market. This screenplay has not been optioned or produced, but I am seeking representation.

BLACK MAVERICK is a screenplay adaptation of my novel, BLACK MAVERICK and is currently in progress.

Interests:  My hobbies include building furniture, working on inventions, reading, writing, watching a good movie, and sometimes just spending time with my family.

Published writer: Yes

Freelance: No


Published works:


  • Man On The Run