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Elle Newmark

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Valley Center, California, United States


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For many years I worked as an advertising drone writing
copy to sell everything from musical instruments to
fertilizer–the sublime to the ridiculous. In 1985 I moved
from the U.S. to Europe where I lived for seven years.
During that time I traveled incessently and I Woke Up. I
worked as an illustrator for a few years in Germany, then I
was siezed by a need to produce something of more value
than a flyer. I started writing fiction. Well, first I wrote a
cookbook with travel essays, Thyme Travel, as a warm up,
then I went on to short stories and novels.

My first novel, The Cloud Forest, is an action/adventure
rumination on interconnectedness. It won the San Diego
Book Award for best unpublished novel, but I didn’t try to
publish it because wasn’t ready.

My second novel, Bones of the Dead, is a historical
mystery set in renaissance Venice. This is my favorite
endorsement: “Elle Newmark’s richly seductive prose
brings to life the color and scandal of fifteenth-century
Venice. Through Luciano, a street urchin apprenticed to a
great chef in the palace of the doge, Newmark tells a
wicked tale of political and papal intrigue. In Venice where
every whisper is a secret or a lie, Luciano’s initiation into
the chef’s spicy world makes for deliciously suspenseful
reading. Bones of the Dead is more than terrific historical
drama. [It’s] beautifully written, authentically detailed, and
fiendishly well plotted. It’s the kind of book you’ll want
your friends to read so you can talk about it over dinner in
your favorite Italian restaurant.”

It’s dedicated to teachers because, hey, where’d we be
without them? It will be released in July 2007.

My third novel, The Devil’s Wind: A Love Story, is about
the tumultuous experience of an American couple in India
during the bloody Partition of that country in 1948. With
this book I’m trying to illustrate Gandhi’s famous remark,
“An eye for an eye leaves the whole world blind.” I’m still
working on it.

I’ve published my share of magazine articles and short
stories in literary journals. I have one very popular essay
online at www.—Uncle Leo, Dirty Jokes
and the FBI. I really did have an Uncle Leo who told dirty
jokes and whose mafia ties made him a person of interest
for the FBI.

I have a healthy interest in humanism and literature with a
humanistic subtext. For a list of brief reviews of good
books that speak to this see my web site,

Interests: novels, essays and short fiction

Published writer: No

Freelance: No


Published works:


  • Bones of the Dead