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Deborah Cobb

Agent: None
Wright, Wyoming, United States

While my elders have seen more in their long lives than I have in my short one, I can assure you that my perspective is close to the same. By many I have been called a virtuoso of my time, a prodigy, and wise beyond my years. While I could easily own up to arrogance and admit all those things, I'd much rather my work speak for itself. I have been writing since I was old enough to pick up a pen and string words together, and I've been winning local and regional awards for said writting almost as long. Now, as I mature, I hope to be able to bring my art out of it's seclusion- to show the world my greatest talent!

It's difficult to put a genre on what I write, as it often changes. I've written inspirational stories, suspense, horror, drama, realistic, historical... really anything that tickles my fancy at the time! My most recent is about a man who is plagued by the actions he did while under the influence of a long dormant drug addiction, and eventually goes insane because of revisiting those memories. I love to explore the stretches of the human psyche, often exploring with insanity, dreams, and other mysteries and unexplainable things, though I'm most known by my readers for my end of the story reveals and twists. I believe the ending should be the best part of a story, as a reader works so hard to get to that point!

Published writer: No

Freelance: Yes